we create and manufacture natural and ecological cosmetic products

High quality natural cosmetics for national and international clients.

In Naturchem we offer a wide range of natural cosmetic products of high quality and efficacy for national and international clients.

Naturchem products are manufactured with a high concentration of ecological assets and high-quality raw materials throughout the process. We constantly develop highly effective innovative products adapted to the needs of each country.

Own brands

Continuous investment in R&D keeps our brands at the forefront of high-quality, innovative cosmetic products, with visible results.

White label products

We manufacture white label cosmetic products in order to meet the needs of our customers’ public.

Quality & Certificates

We follow a strict quality policy in the processes of all the products we manufacture. Most of our products are certified by ECOCERT.

ECOCERT Certificates

Most of our cosmetics are certified by ECOCERT which guarantees environmentally friendly cosmetics.

The ECOCERT standard imposes the use of ingredients from renewable resources transformed through environmentally friendly procedures.

Natural & Organic Cosmetics

Specialists in 100% certified natural and ecological cosmetics. We manufacture cosmetics with the best quality ingredients, formulation, production and we design unique packaging. Through vertical integration we aim for the best final product results. We work both for our own brands and third parties (white label products).

Innovation & sustainable development

The respect for the environment is a fundamental part of our manufacturing processes, seeking to obtain the best final results in our products.


recyclable packaging


cruelty free


ecological ingredients

100% recyclable packaging

Each unit of our packaging is unique.

  • The wood we use is biodegradable, without varnish or veneer.

  • The wood and cardboards we use are certified by FSC and come from sustainable forests.
  • Plastic packaging are made from recyclable PET.
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