Services: Cosmetic Laboratory

Natural & Organic Cosmetics

Specialists in 100% certified natural and ecological cosmetics. We manufacture cosmetics with the best quality ingredients, formulation, production and we design unique packaging. Through vertical integration we aim for the best final product results. We work both for our own brands and third parties (white label products).

White label manufacturing

At Naturchem laboratories we develop facial, body, hair and specific cosmetic products according to your needs. We count with great professionalism and consolidated experience in the field of cosmetics, which allows us to clearly identify the needs of our clients. We make fully customized products in order for you to achieve your purposes. We take into account your needs and goals during all phases of the project.

Types of products


Thanks to our manufacturing reactors equipped with a heating / cooling system, we can make any type of emulsion. Our manufacturing capacity is high since we have reactors with different capacities.


We can manufacture gelled products in both the aqueous and fatty phases. We highlight gelled oils, body and facial gels or eye shadows.


We can manufacture any cosmetic solution. In this category of products we can offer: cleansing waters, tonics, oils, bath gels, shampoos, perfumed waters, hair conditioners, etc.

Scientific consultory

We provide scientific advice on formulas, raw materials, packaging, legal documentation, legal labeling and certifications.

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