Quality politics

Naturchem S.L., a company dedicated to the design, manufacture by mixing, packaging and marketing of cosmetic products: Serums, gels, creams, micellar water, facial cleansers, make-up removers, shampoos and oils, in plastic containers (PE, HDPE, PET and PP) and glass. We aim to provide the customer with high quality natural and organic cosmetic products.

The values on which Naturchem is based are the following:

  • Personalized attention and close relationship with the customer, with immediate availability to solve any question in a short period of time to solve any question in a short period of time and in an efficient way.
  • Exhaustive compliance with the established deadlines for the delivery of orders.
  • Development of products with a high level of quality and definition.
  • Continuous improvement of the company, facilities, products, processes and services.

The Management Policy is based on the following aspects and for this purpose its Management has acquired the commitment of:

  • Comply with all current legislation and regulations applicable to all activities and processes carried out by the organization, as well as ensuring compliance with good manufacturing practices.
  • Establish the necessary means to inform and explain to its employees the content of the company’s policy, programs and objectives.
  • Establish and periodically verify compliance with the programs, objectives and goals, making available the necessary resources.
  • Compliance with the requirements shall be verified periodically, based on clear indicators, which shall be known by the organization’s employees, providing the reference framework to establish and annually review the management objectives.
  • Continuous improvement shall be present in all processes, developing corrective, preventive and improvement actions necessary to avoid the recurrence of internal and external problems.
  • Sensitivity and awareness to respect the environment, preserving natural balances, generating as little waste as possible and contributing to the sustainability of resources.
  • Use, as much as possible, of recycled and recyclable packaging material for the finished product.
  • Promote pollution prevention, avoiding intermediate distributors and transporting the final product to its point of sale.
  • Take into account the training, awareness and sensitization of employees at all levels, setting out the responsibilities of the entire company organization chart.
  • To create a safe product for the consumer, being truthful and loyal with the information on our cosmetics and to ensure that we are informed of new legislation and restrictions in each country where we market our cosmetics.

Management extends this commitment to all employees, as well as to those who act on behalf of Naturchem, to comply with the guidelines of this policy, which will be reviewed periodically to ensure that they are always appropriate to the activities of the organization.

Valencia, March 6th, 2023