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NAOBAY was born in Valencia (Spain) from Javier and Cristina, entrepreneur brother & sister.

Javier as an Industrial Engineer and Cristina as a Pharmaceutical decided that it was time to start and do something new and different, so with the help of their father, who had always been involved in cosmetic and skin cafe formulations, they began in 2007 to do what they best knew: manufacture cosmetics with all the experience in the design of new formulas of their father.

With a defined ecological conciousness and tired of organic cosmetics with ordinary designs and misleading labels, they decide to create NAOBAY in 2011, their own brand and their own approach of what organic cosmetic products should be.

They agree to give it the name of NAOBAY, which stands for “Natural And Organic, Beauty And You” to make clear that natural and organic, is united with beauty and health.

They are committed to a concept of environmentally-friendly certified organic cosmetics that take care of people and the environment by communicating their information transparently, clearly, with simple designs, pleasant packaging and effective products.


Innovation & sustainable development

The respect for the environment is a fundamental part of our manufacturing processes, seeking to obtain the best final results in our products.


recyclable packaging


cruelty free


ecological ingredients


Kueshi is presented as a brand that is fully committed to the quality of its products at every step of its development. That is why the continuous investment in R&D keeps the brand at the forefront of developing innovative, high-quality products with visible results.

The formulation of Kueshi products combines high-quality active ingredients with natural products that, due to their effectiveness, softness and texture, provide optimal results for the skin. The products are not tested on animals and use skin tolerant products, also most of the ingredients come from organic farming.

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